Organic Supermarket

November 2, 2009

For those of you in the south Dublin area, a new shop has opened recently in Blackrock village that is definitely worth a look.”The Organic Supermarket” has bunches of interesting vegan items and everything in the shop is organic. I got a great Mediterranean Marinated Sesame Smoked Tofu that tasted delicious. Be warned, it has an extremely strong flavour so you need very little of it. A small amount (no more than a quarter of the pack per person) diced, fried and dropped into soup or salad brings a great depth of flavour.

They also have a fab selection of wines that are not much more expensive than your average off-licence and some lovely dairy free breads as well. I found a great substitute for Nutella – Carobio Hazelnut Spread, which is a little stronger that chocolate spread but just as delicious.

The shop itself is a little on the small side and can get a bit overcrowded at lunchtime but  they have such a selection of goods in store that I completely forgot to go back to work when I wandered down on my break today.  Luckily for me, they also have a good website (listed here) for all the essentials so no more murderous glares from the boss in future.